Yarn Art Tutorial: Easy DIY Pompom and Tassel *VIDEOS*

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This post is short and sweet and to the point.

If you have been eyeballing one of those thick, plushy, pompom or tassel blankets, this is an inexpensive and fun way to DIY. Same goes for pillows, shirts, wall hangings, garlands, and anything you’d like to add a tassel or a pompom to.

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Clover pompom maker
short fabric scissors (a short blade helps the cutting process)


Cut a 6-8′ piece of yarn. Set aside.

Open one side of pompom maker and wrap yarn around, careful not to wrap the foot. You want to keep wrapping until it bulges out — the more yarn, the more fluff!

When your first side is full, close that side of the pompom maker and open the other side. Repeat same process on other side.

Close up the second side and snip the yarn from the skein.

While holding the pompom maker tightly shut, place your scissor blade into the guide in the middle and cut around the entire pompom.

While still holding the pompom maker tightly shut, take your 6-8″ piece of yarn and tie it tightly around the center of the pompom. Double knot. This ensures that the pompom will hold its shape.

Open the pompom maker, one leg at a time (there are 4 total) and pull the two halves of the pompom maker apart.

Trim the excess yarn to desired shape.



  • two 5″ pieces of yarn
  • cardboard square template of desired tassel size (mine was about 10″ tall, 8″ wide)
  • yarn
  • sharp fabric scissors

Line one of the 5″ pieces at the top of your cardboard template.

Snip the yarn from the skein, tie the 5″ piece of yarn into a tight double-knot. Once it’s securely tied, cut the yarn along the bottom of the cardboard template.

Remove from template and smooth out the tassel. Lay the second 5″ piece of yarn down and set the tassel on top of it. Tie the yarn piece around the top portion of the tassel to create the “head”.

Trim the excess pieces of yarn.

That’s it!

Tassels and pompoms are very simple. There are a few ways to create a pompom from cardboard, but I found the Clover pompom makers to produce the best results.

Wrap the yarn around the template, keeping the 5″ piece of yarn in place until it reaches desired fullness.

Tag me if you try any of these!


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