My Office Mural: All of the Details *PHOTOS*

If y’all follow me on Instagram (@abbeymadethis), you’ll already have seen my new office mural. I’m very into neutrals and minimalism these days.

Just kidding.

My office was a space that was supposed to energize me and make me want to get work done. When you work 50/50 at home/in the field, you need a place that you *want* to come back to to do work. And guess what? I wanted none of that. The office basically became our cat Gracie’s room — her litter box is temporarily housed in there, as well as her food, and I didn’t like being in there anyway.

So I went to Home Depot, did my favorite and most-recommended activity of arbitrarily picking paint sample colors, and got three paint samples to get the ball rolling.


All colors came from Behr. They were: Acapulco Sun, Joyful Orange, Sherbet Fruit, Mirador, Pimiento, Mammoth Mountain.


This corner arch spoke to me by my wonderfully-talented soul sister and friend, Racheal Jackson of Banyan Bridges.

These two wallpaper-able murals from the website MuralsWallpaper based in the UK.


These photos are before, after the first coat of white, and after the second coat of white. The white I used is Falling Snow by Behr.

These two were taken during the process.

Main view, walking into the office *after*. It feels so fun, fresh, and alive in here now!

View straight-on looking at the wall from inside of the room.

The corner, featuring our filing cabinet and 3D printer, both of which are staples in our house and will remain here, though they are not beautiful. They sure are functional and fun, though! Not everything has to be pretty.

Thank you for reading! Tag me or email me if you ever do a mural in your home!

3 thoughts on “My Office Mural: All of the Details *PHOTOS*

  1. I so appreciate you providing the colors and names of the paint that you used. If I had to give your mural a name, I would call it “Endless Summer”. I am a nurse who often feels that she has zero artistic or creative ability. I have never painted a thing in my life, but with baby steps I know I can do my own mural. I also gawk at Banyan Bridges creations as well. Your mural has inspired me for our garage renovation. It’s going to be a music hang out rec room for my two kids. I used to surf, so an “Endless Summer” vibes with all my travel posters I have collected over the years is what I would want for our rec room. Thank you! Thank for blogging and inspiring!

    1. WOW, I LOVE this name! Sorry it took me so long to reply — but I think you just named my piece for me! You can absolutely do your own mural. Start small, get your feet wet and grow your confidence. And be patient! You’ve got this!

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