Warm, Fuzzy Spotify Playlist for Fall

Happy October First! Let’s pretend that it feels like fall and not like most of America is in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave.

I have a deep connection to music. I mean, most of us do, right? I can’t be the only one who looks forlornly out the car window while the seasons change, staring at the blazing leaves, soundtracking my life.

I’ve done this for basically my entire life with pretty good success as far as creating movie-worthy beautiful memories with loved ones goes. Music makes anything feel like a romanticized version of what it is. Recently, my friend Scott told me that he recalled laying in the grass, sharing a set of earbuds with me while we listened to a Thom Yorke song when we were teenagers. He could remember what the sky looked like. As soon as he said that, suddenly I could remember what the sky looked like, too. Memories and music are a powerful combination.

Music that’s stereotypically “autumn” in nature are generally the songs I gravitate towards 90% of the year. It’s truly either songs that are highly emotional, sometimes sad, sometimes ballads, or incredibly synth-filled pop music. No in-between.

For this playlist, I’ve curated about 40 songs that give me the cozy feels. This is a good playlist to listen to when you want a chill workday, want to go on an early-morning walk, or want to slowly sip your morning coffee.


One thought on “Warm, Fuzzy Spotify Playlist for Fall

  1. I always loved listening to the new, favorite songs you were so excited to share with me at YHS. You definitely broadened my musical horizons! 😎

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