IKEA Bekvam Hack: 3-Step Key Holder DIY

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Hi dudes!

This is a project I did earlier this spring and even documented but have never even thought to post until last week. I was at a party at my friend Sarah’s, and my other friend Lucy and I were walking around Sarah’s newly-renovated house. It’s like exploring a foreign land for the first time.

During our exploration, we came across Sarah’s key rack, and I told Lucy that I did the same spice-rack-into-key-rack hack at my house and it took thirty minutes and looks awesome. Lucy asked if I’d posted it to my blog yet because she thought that it was a great idea, and I realized I hadn’t!

It was a solution to a problem that I believe 99% of people to have: where the hell do I hang my keys? And how the heck do I stop my keys from turning the wall behind them grey and wearing down my paint?!

Key rack before. It was fine, it just wasn’t the best option because I had to constantly keep on top of cleaning the scuffs off of the wall.

Solution: an IKEA Bekvam spice rack with some cup hooks.

I wish I could say I thought up this DIY on my own, but alas my wickedly brilliant and equally lovely friend Teri of T. Moore Home thought of it. She gave me this idea when she gave me the spice rack. Initially, I said I didn’t want it, but she told me she was downsizing and I think she really just wanted that spice rack to get the F out of her house.

Thanks, Teri!

Spice rack in hand, I waltzed into the Home Depot to purchase some cute little polished brass cup hooks. And aside from a drill, that’s just about all you need because this DIY is that easy.


1 IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack
5-8 cup hooks
Cordless Drill + whatever bit size corresponds with the cup hook size
Paint (if desired)


Prep your spice rack in whichever fashion you please. I decided to paint mine the same color as the wall it’s mounted on (which is Falling Snow by Behr – my favorite white) to give it a monochromatic look, but you can leave it bare or stain it or whatever you choose.


Drill holes in the bottom of the spice rack for however many hooks you’d like to have. I put my holes right down the middle, 7 in total.


Screw in your cup hooks with your hands. No tools necessary. I told you it was easy! You can put a little glue on the ends that go into the wood if you’re anxious about them falling out, but it’s really not necessary and I didn’t do that.

Now you’ve got a key rack and you’re ready to go! Your walls are going to thank you. Your sanity will also thank you. I will go on and thank Teri again for giving me this idea. And thanks Lucy for giving me the inspiration to post here. And thank YOU for reading!


2 thoughts on “IKEA Bekvam Hack: 3-Step Key Holder DIY

  1. I did one very similar, also with the Bekvam.
    Instead of hooks, I drilled 5/8” (I think) holes halfway through the horizontal slat, and installed super strong magnets (aka stud finders). Made snagging the keys on the way out the door fool-proof, and by hanging the bracket at/above eye level, the plastic caps I plugged the magnet holes with her hidden.

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