Helloooo and Happy New Year! Am I still allowed to say that?

I’m dedicating a post to this topic solely because I want to explain why I went from being The Chia House to Abbey Made This both on Instagram and on my blog.

In 2019 when I started my blog and my Instagram account, I pitched it to myself as a husband/wife DIY/project duo. That’s where The Chia House was born on Instagram; our last name is Chiavario so it made sense to me in that moment. But over time, it didn’t really sit right with me.

The Instagram account and this blog were ALL me. They were my thoughts, my art, my projects, but with Jake’s name tagging along for the ride. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s insanely helpful and supportive when it comes to big projects because he is basically my plumber, electrician, and contractor, but y’all this man hates projects. Totally loathes them. And I love them, so I kept making things and documenting on here. Again: all me.

After I took the leap and launched my blog in June, I felt the shift become more obvious and the name change become more of a necessity. The name The Chia House not only fit like an ill-fitted pair of pants, but it also was limiting me creatively. A big goal of mine is to branch out and create more art in public spaces, and I would ideally like to operate any art-related prospects under the same name for everything to make myself and my brand easier to find and The Chia House was NOT the name that I wanted to have on my art.

So operating now as Abbey Made This, I feel like I can branch out as both an artist, a blogger, and the creator of an online community with having everything point back to me and not someone else (even if that someone else was my husband). It’s funny how something as simple as a name change can transform the way I saw myself and my brand and how much I craved sole ownership.

I have a new found creative streak in me. I’ve started to think about the ways in which I can utilize and hone in on my skills as an individual and not as a group entity.

In other news…

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog over the next few weeks! I’m currently in the middle of a Zero Dollar Update challenge with a diverse group of women and we’re just getting started. This challenge is exactly what it sounds like — spending $0 to update a room and I’m tackling our hall bathroom! I plan on writing a halfway-there blog post next week to keep you all updated on where we are and what our plans are moving forward. For more details on the Zero Dollar Update and more silly updates in real time, make sure you follow me on Instagram.

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