quaranZINE: A Community Project In Isolation

Everything has really been said at this point, so I’ll let the creations in this post do the talking.

The thought behind creating this is to pay an homage to people creating anything during this, and to provide ample consumption to those who aren’t able to create right now. Creating and consuming are both valuable, and art doesn’t exist without both. Thank you to everyone who submitted pieces to me over the last few weeks. And for the readers, I hope this post offers you an escape from the world, or even some inspiration.

Find each creator on social media or their websites by clicking their names.

Jamie Lee Finch – What Comes Next

Meredith Wilson – (from L – R) Inner Child, Staying Home Is Sexy, Flying Through The Aroma of Rona, How To Date While Social Distancing

Claire Roberts – Rainbow Pillow Cover

Find Claire’s website here.

Victoria Kukla

Monica Chavez – Masks for Everyone

Lucy Gaines – Parlor Stories

Stephanie Reiman – We Have One

A.J. – Greetings from Cisco Street

Amanda – Lil’ Playsuit

Teri Moore – Vandalism

Karsyn Dupree – A Feeling

Juliette Osguthorpe

Amanda and Drew – A Quarantine Journal

Anna Hosey – The Woman

Rachel McAfee – “Gotta Stay Busy So I Don’t Break Down And Cry Collection”

Grace DuVal

Grace’s work is currently in an online competition, you can vote for her here.

Racheal Jackson – Shwoopy Stripes

Jillian Ogilvie – Old Old Fashioned

Amy Henkel

Seiji Inouye – Samantha

Bailey B. – Some Doodles

Kristen Brubaker – (from L – R) sloopy 69, Slim’s New Shirt, shimmy, Side Eye

Gin Reid – Portrait, Portrait II

Kathleen Palmer – The Little Daisy

For Kathleen’s Etsy shop, click here.

Hollyann Saucedo

Riley Moore

Sarah Wagstaff – SUOT Farm Flowers

Jenna Pilant – Door Mural

Find Jenna’s most recent YouTube video from her channel Room Bloom here.

Abbey Chiavario – country music

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  1. I enjoyed every savory moment of this, as I sat in the sunshine, sipping my coffee and beginning my day.

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