Five Favorites: October 2020

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Since I knew I was going to be writing this post, I kept a tab of things I was obsessed with this month. It waxed and waned, but some things stayed the same. If I could have a repeat item (I make the rules, so I guess I could), I would still pick my bathrobe from last month’s post. But I’m switching it up for you. You’re welcome.

Next month I plan to use my own photos but DAMN October was BUSY as hell. So, not this month. Enjoy these stock photos.

1. Universal Standard Hoodie

If y’all have not heard of or gotten anything from Universal Standard yet, I implore you to check them out. They have inclusive sizes (4XS to 4XL) and they have inclusive models on their website for you to reference for each size. FINALLY, a brand where I can actually see myself in the models they hire to show off their products. Once you find your Universal Standard size, you’re good to go. For reference, I’m normally a medium top but I ordered a XS in this hoodie.

I got the olive green color, but I’m tempted to get the black as well. I love this hoodie because it’s insanely soft, it’s lightweight enough for layering or as a base layer under a jacket, but the fabric itself is weighty. You know when you pick something up and it just feels expensive? That’s what this hoodie feels like. It had a little bit of a shedding issue on first wear because it’s so soft, but after a run through the dryer on low — problem solved.

2. My Weighted Blanket

It’s weighted blanket season, folks. Not only because layering your blankets when its cold out is the move, but also because we’re about to head into the most insane election and we’re having a little trouble sleeping and calming down. You feel me?

I’ve had this puppy for probably two years now and every time I use it I’m like.. why am I not using this more? I even have a friend who asks to use it every time he visits. Once, when he slept over, we had a huuuuuge thunderstorm. And guess what? Homeboy slept right through it.

Plus this blanket is affordable. If you’re thinking about holiday gifts at this point, or just calming yourself down before election day, this is a good one.

3. Cemetery Boys – Aiden Thomas

Real quick before I continue — I linked this book to an Amazon page, but if you want to buy it, may I suggest buying from your local bookshop instead of Amazon? Or getting it on Libby or from your local public library?


This book is phenomenal. It’s a coming-of-age story about Yadriel, a gay, trans, Latino boy and his struggles fitting into the cishetero male roles within his big, traditional, Latinx family. This book is a must-read for all people, in my opinion, but it feels very special to know that queer kids will grow up reading Yadriel’s story.

The story follows Yadriel, a gay, trans, latino boy and his cousin and best friend Maritza as they try to prove to their family that Yadriel is a brujx, a spiritual guide for the dead in his family’s lineage. It’s during a secret ceremony to prove his abilities when Yadriel accidentally summons the spirit of Julian Diaz, a fiercely loyal friend to those he loves and misunderstood schoolyard bad boy. Julian is confused; he can’t figure out how he died or who killed him.

Yadriel, along with Julian and Maritza, figure out what it means to be who you are, to be loved and accepted, and what family can mean, all while solving the mystery of what landed Julian in the graveyard that night.

We listened to this book (via Libby!) on our recent covid-friendly beach trip. The book’s author is a trans Latino author, and the actor who read the book is a trans Latino actor. At the end of the book, there’s an interview between the two and it’s delightful. Cemetery Boys melted me in the way that YA novels often do, only with the added bonus of a spooky graveyard and Dia de los Muertos. It’s wonderful and a beautiful tale of queer kids breaking the confines of their traditional roles.

4. Evo Olive Oil Sprayer

I’m not just digging this buddy this month, but I love it every day of the year. I discovered it in one of Claire Saffitz’s at-home cooking YouTube videos and it blew my mind. Before this thing, I had heard of those misto sprayers that you have to pump to compress the air inside in order to propel the oil inside. This, however, works much like a regular spray bottle.

I don’t have anything against regular ol’ Pam cooking spray, though I’m sure there are people who say the accelerants inside have a taste or some adverse effect. I just like this sprayer because I can use the same oil I put in my drizzle bottles, and when you buy the big boy bottle from Costco, it’s nice to disperse it into multiple uses.

5. Kreg Rip Cut Guide

Last month I loved the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, and this month I’m loving another Kreg product (Kreg, if you see this, sponsor me).

This sucker clamps onto your circular saw. It has variations for left- and right-side cuts, and it is a breeze to use once it’s assembled. It’s helped me achieve insanely straight and even cuts when working on my One Room Challenge office space (I’m currently building a built-in desk from scratch in there). I wish I knew about it sooner. It’s literally the best. Kreg, how do you do it?!

Next month, I pinky promise to take photos of the things I love, because it’s bothering me right now how lame these photos are. Maybe I’ll even update this post at. a later date.

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