ORC Week 5: Election Day Made Me Very Unproductive, But I Still Built Drawer Fronts

Ya feel me? What a weird time to be alive.

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I’m not going to get into politics because that’s not what this blog is about. I’m giving the people what they’re here for, and for the One Room Challenge, that is… minimal updates. I was off work last week and I’m off work this upcoming week, which has been great for getting things done. One would think I would’ve gotten more done, having not worked, but… Election Day.

I did, however, attach my drawer fronts to my drawers! They’re all fully-installed, fully-functional, VERY BIG, VERY DEEP. I cannot wait to use them. The white birch fronts are officially attached and whew baby are they stunning. I have two different types of drawer pulls ordered that should arrive this week. One is a semicircle style, and the other is an oversized rectangular shape. I’m almost certain I’ll go with the oversized rectangular traditional pulls, but I wanted to see how the semicircular ones looked before I made any official call.

This is option one, I have a feeling they are not to scale in this image.

This is option two, and the best image I could do.

And without further ado, the state of my drawer fronts:

I. Built. These. !?!! WHAT?!?!

I also snagged a vintage rug on eBay from one of my favorite eBay stores. It’s 3′ 6″ wide and 10′ 4″ long (the room is 11′ wide). I wanted the rug to simply sit behind the desk area and not take up the entire room. It’s a low-pile rug, handwoven in the 1930s. And I scored it for $150!

On the docket this week:

  1. Attach desktop + door fronts
  2. Build bookcases
  3. Build bifold closet doors
  4. Install light fixture

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