Five Favorites: November 2020

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Aahhhh, here we are. November, 2020. We’re sliding ever-closer to the end of this hell hole year. Good riddance, 2020!

Anyway, I’m here to give you my five favorites for November. Like I said in past ‘favorites’ posts, some things will be physical things and other things might just be things I enjoy doing. This month, it’s a lil bit of both. It’s been a decent month, and I was busy for a lot of it building out our office desk. If you missed that, click here for lots of photos.

1. Bon Appetit’s Pumpkin Pie

Oh god, dude. We’ve been making this pumpkin pie recipe for the last four years and it’s so damn good every single time. In fact, I’m going to go grab some to munch on while I write the rest of this post.

Wasn’t kidding. Also, yes, I like some whipped cream. If you don’t, we can no longer continue this friendship.

I’ve made this pie in multiple variations: gluten-free, regular degular, and just the filling (which I did this year and got a store-bought GF crust — I have celiac disease if you’re new here). Make it, impress people, eat it for breakfast. Amen.

2. ORLY Nail Polish in “Turn It Up”

Oooooo baby if you like happiness, rainbows, and confetti: this is the nail polish for you. It’s perfectly chipper and colorful, and I would venture to say that it’ll single-handedly make 2021 a great year if you wear it on NYE like I will be. We’ll be doing the Care Bear Stare, but with our nails.

Anyway, I impulse bought it yesterday at my salon store (because I also impulsively lightened my hair — dunno what’s next, it’s all an adventure these days) and I could not recommend it more. You can kind of see it in my pie selfie up there.

3. Aerie Cheeky No-Show Underwear

Oh my good god, you guys. I was super skeptical to buy these because at first glance, they’re pretty meh. They do not look great online. They look flimsy and like they’ll fall apart. But let me tellllllll you: they are absolutely f*cking incredible. They are so soft and stretchy and comfy. I got two pairs initially and then when they arrived, I put them on and I immediately bought more to replace all of the undies I had. Literally all new undies; who am I?! Who does that?! Me, apparently.

Do yourself a favor and hop on this train.

4. Sleeping In

Yeah, that’s it.

If you have not allowed yourself the luxury of sleeping in without an alarm in a while, do it. I realize this is easier said than done, especially for you parents. But maybe send them to grandma’s or have your partner let you sleep. Ugh, it was nice.

5. Our Christmas Portraits

I say portrait because it feels f a n c y, but really — they are just normal photos.

Every year, we take a ridiculous Christmas photo and I spend most of the year thinking about what I want them to look like. For obvious reasons, we didn’t want to leave the house for our photo, so we called up our friend and incredible Nashville photographer Seiji, donned our masks, and took photos (clearly we took pictures sans-mask, but I assure you as soon as we were not actively shooting, they went right back on and Seiji wore his the entire time).

Click here for a look at previous years’ photos and for some tips on how to style family portraits, whether you want them to look cute or be heavily-themed.

Thanks for playin’! See you next month!

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