Five Favorites: December 2020 & January 2021

I skipped December because it was like, a hellishly busy month. And now that January has passed, I can say retrospectively: it was a hellishly busy month. Jake and I are currently in the throes of the shop buildout (if you’re new here, we’re opening a tiny tiny coffee shop inside of Jake’s specialty coffee technician shop). Jake is actually at the shop cutting the concrete right now to prepare for plumbing to happen this week.

I want to do a few room tours that you all have requested, and once the shop comes along a little more I’ll do a big post about that.

But for now, I’m going to share five little things that have kept me (and Jake) afloat during the wild months that were December and January.

1. Apple AirPods Pro

It feels so ridiculous how much I like these because they’re so damn expensive and so silly but THEY ARE THAT GOOD. I had zero interest in them until I found two pairs of open-box AirPods Pro for over 50% off on Amazon Prime on Black Friday (wow, that is the most consumerist sentence I’ve ever typed). I got a pair for Jake and a pair for me and I expected to like them, I expected Jake to be so-so (he’s super critical of tech products, especially Apple products that are so expensive).

Folks. Both of us are obsessed. Even Jake! The noise cancellation is so great — sometimes Jake will be in the next room and he can’t hear me at all. This sounds maybe bad, but when he’s trying to get work done and I’m being noisy in another room in our small house, it almost creates a little workspace of his own.

The transparency feature (which uses the microphones in the earbuds to feed the sounds of your surroundings into your ears) is so useful when I’m trying to get tasks done at work but still need to be able to hear around me, or when I’m out on a run and I want to be aware of what’s around me.

Again, it feels ridiculous how much I love them, but I love them.


I could cry about these. I haven’t, but I could.

I got diagnosed with what is called nonclassical celiac disease when I was 23. This means that I have symptoms that are not the traditional stomach/gut-related symptoms, and so I was lucky enough to eat Oreos for much of my life. And then my diagnosis came. And the Oreos left.

And then a few months ago, Oreo announced that they’re releasing a gluten-free version of their cookies and wowowowow THEY ARE GOOD GO GET THEM IF YOU HAVE CELIAC DISEASE OR CAN’T HAVE GLUTEN FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

3. This Bike Trainer

This is a random-ass purchase, but it’s been a year since I cancelled my gym membership and I miss going to the gym so much. I love to move my body, as both a way to feel good and also as a way to honor it in my journey with eating disorder recovery. I was running over the summer, but now it’s both cold and dark before and after I work, so I got this bad boy on a whim and I’ve been loving it.

It is a universal trainer stand and I believe it is compatible with most bikes. I purchased a Giant road bike back in March (pre- Pandemic Bike Shortage of 2020, thankfully) and it’s worked superbly. It was super easy to set up. Pro tip: put a yoga mat underneath it to help with it staying in place and also to

4. This Gluten-Free Bagel Recipe

I have made these twice now and UGH, they are SO DAMN GOOD. There’s so many recipes for those of you who can eat gluten, but not many for those of us who can’t. As a person who has tried this more than once with resounding success, make these. I freeze them and thaw them overnight on the counter or in the fridge and they keep beautifully.

5. Dateline (The Podcast Version)

Hahahaha, this one is super random, but I did not grow up watching Dateline. I had never heard or watched it until about a week ago when I began a project, and now I can’t stop listening. I didn’t provide a link because there are a million podcast-listening apps out there these days, but you can find it wherever you listen.


I just finished listening to this book for the very first time and ugh — I love a good story about how achingly beautiful and sad life can be. It was phenomenal. I listened to the Audible Original version which was narrated by Maggie Gyllenhaal. 10/10 performance.

And with that: Happy February!

I know this month feels a little somber as we tread closer to the one-year mark of the pandemic’s start. It’s been a fucking hard year. If you’re struggling, there’s no shame in reaching out for help (I’ve used a crisis text line before with great success — they’re wonderful people). That crisis line is 741741, or you can call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Love y’all.

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